Oase AquaOxy 4800 CWS Aeration Pump

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  • The Oase AquaOxy 4800 CWS Aeration Pump is perfect for aerating large ponds or swimming pool conversions | The Pond Place
  • The Oase AquaOxy 4800 CWS Aeration Pump comes with 4 individual air stones | The Pond Place



4800 lph max air displacement, 60 watts, 5m cable, Suitable for ponds up to 50,000 litres

The AquaOxy pump can be safely used and stored outside (spray water resistant) thanks to its modern motor protection. 
Optimal oxygen supply for pond flora and fauna, robust motor and high quality UV stabilised housing, reduced noise, energy efficient operation

The Oase AquaOxy offers a 2 year guarantee.
  • is suitable for ponds up to 50,000 litres.
  • Its energy efficient motor is encapsulating resulting in very quiet operation. 
  • The unique, long lasting air stones can be regulated by the fitted valves. 
  • It is simple and convenient in operation and has a long service life due to the robust motor design 
    and the use of high quality, UV stabilised housing plastics.
  • 4 x 5m air hose and 4 airstones permit the trouble free selection of a suitable location near the pond.
  • Rated voltage 220-240v / 50/60Hz
Voltage – 220-240v / 50hz
Pressure – 0.35 bar
Number of outlets – 4
Aerator stones – 4
Hose diameter - 4.5mm
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